David Meister Spring 2013 Collection & Interview – Neiman Marcus Walnut Creek

Last month, I had the privilege of interviewing the fabulous designer, David Meister as he made a personal appearance at Neiman Marcus in Walnut Creek to present his gorgeous Spring 2013 collection.  His latest collection brought effortless, stylish and lady-like to another level in his designs.  My absolute favorite pieces were the orange strapless embroidered lace gown and the leopard print peplum dress.

TSP: When inspiration strikes you, is it something you have to sketch immediately? Where did inspiration strike you for your current collection?

David Meister: If I have an idea I will do a quick scribble sketch, make a quick note or call and leave myself a descriptive message so I don’t forget. Spring really came together after I dyed a lot of laces in bright colors and they looked great.

TSP: Is there a special place either in your home or location where you like to sketch, work and design?

David Meister: I am always visually working in a sense. Always aware of everything down to the last detail. I am the kind of person that is naturally inquisitive, asks a lot of questions and wants to know what is happening and current in all arenas. I usually sketch at my desk in the office or my weekend place in Palm Springs

TSP: Who was your favorite celebrity to dress and how often did she wear your gowns?

David Meister: That is tough. I have liked so many for different reasons!

TSP: What would you be doing if you weren’t a fashion designer?

David Meister: If I wasn’t a designer I would probably be a brain or plastic surgeon. I know it sounds crazy … But true.

TSP: Do you have a guilty pleasure reality show you like to watch?

David Meister: I watch very little TV but I love Dancing With The Stars. I studied dance for a while and love to dance.

TSP: What’s your take on all these fashion-based reality shows?

David Meister: I love it. It gives people a peek into different lives, situations and facets of the business. They are also perfect to curl up with a martini and have a good laugh.

If you’re a local of Northern California, make sure to visit Neiman Marcus in Walnut Creek to check out David Meister’s collection.  Or visit Photos Courtesy of Gustavo Fernandez


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