Broadway San Jose Presents – Disney’s Beauty & the Beast

Broadway San Jose presented what I felt will be my favorite production in their line up, Disney’s Beauty & the Beast. The show commenced on Tuesday, March 6, 2010 at the San Jose Center for Performing Arts.

I expected the crowd to have mixture of ages and of course, children in the audience. After all, what would a Disney production be without kids to enjoy? I just didn’t expect there to be as many children considering it was a ‘school night’. I even saw 3 little adorable girls dressed up as the main character herself, Belle. For many of you familiar with the Disney animated movie, then you know the story about a young town woman in search to find more outside of her normal average life. Then managed to find enchantment, strength and love, all because of a beast.

From the start of the show, I felt as if I were plopped inside the actual Disney movie itself. The singing, the characters, the story line, all followed the movie that I grew up watching and loved. The songs were on point and I caught myself singing along with the characters throughout the entire show.  The costumes were beautifully put together, especially Belle’s lovely yellow ball gown.   Silicon Valley native, Julia Louise Hosack made us locals proud as she played the famous Mrs. Potts.

One of my favorite scenes of the show was the unforgettable “Be Our Guest” number where Belle dined in the enchanted castle for the first time.   It was certainly an enjoyable scene and towards the end, confetti and ribbon streamed down to the audience.

Let’s just say that I highly recommend the show and yes, take your kids!  They will definitely love every moment…especially the singing.  This was certainly one unforgettable broadway show that I will continue to rave about.

For more information on Disney’s Beauty & The Beast playing at the San Jose Center for performing arts, please visit Broadway San Jose at www.broadwaysanjose.com for ticket information and upcoming shows.


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