Benefit Cosmetics – they’re Real Tinted Primer – Review!

I don’t know about you, but I personally think that mascara plays a huge part in completing your look, whether you’re trying to achieve a natural or dramatic look. It’s definitely a go to item in my makeup mag and something that I normally don’t leave home without wearing.

Benefit Cosmetics takes the mascara to the next level with the new they’re REAL Tinted Primer.

Benefit Cosmetics - they're Real Tinted Primer Mascara

What’s great about this specific primer is that it is tinted (unlike your normal white mascara primer) so you can actually wear this alone to give you the enhance “natural” look (photo on the left) or you can also add they’re REAL mascara in black to leave your lashes looking extra fabulous. I’ve worn this primer alone several times and so far, it has not clumped, not smudged nor has worn off.

As you can see the difference with the photo on the right, you’ll notice that my lashes are more dramatic, has volume and length with only one to two strokes of they’re REAL! mascara. This primer is definitely something that will stay permanent in my makeup “must haves” list along with my daily regimen.

Benefit Cosmetics - theyre Real Tinted Primer

You can purchase they’re REAL! Tinted Primer is at your local Benefit Cosmetics Boutique and online (here).


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