Barbie – Designable Hair Extensions

Barbie has done it again! She has collaborated with celebrity hair stylist, Kim Vo to create designable hair extensions for our little fashionistas. The package includes the stylish Barbie with her very own designed hair, 16 printable hair extensions, and 6 stylish clips.

I love how easy it is to create your own design right from your computer.  You can even have your little one select her favorites from Glam, Playful, Funky to Sweet.

The extensions are certainly fun to play around with.  You can place anywhere on your little fashionista’s hair with a variety of clips of your own, including the 6 that come with the package.

Thanks to Olivia for being our fabulous mo-doll!

For more information on Barbie’s Designable Hair Extensions, please visit Mattel’s website at


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