Alley Collection for Men

In search for a men’s collection that I know my husband would like, I stumbled upon this line designed right here in our very own San Francisco Bay Area.

What’s great about this collection is the designer himself, John Robblee was a local firefighter who loves sports and is active, therefore, creating a line that dresses men with comfortability and durability. Of course, he wanted to include a women’s touch in his collection, so his wife Laura assists with the creativity and vision of the line. This amazing men’s line is called, Alley Collection.

What better way to gear up for the Fall/Winter season than with these two pieces.

BILLTRON Motorcycle Jacket

This heavyweight jacket makes for keeping warm and stylish.  The detail on the hem of the jacket makes the look unique, edgy, yet simple.  The zipper pocket on the sleeve adds a slight military look along with the rounded collar.


PAPA SHAWN Long Sleeve Collard Shirt

I personally love this shirt because of the weave design.  This collard shirt is lightweight and great to wear for those brisk nights this season.

Another great thing about Alley Collection is they give back!  A portion of their proceeds are donated to the Rocket Dog Rescue’s Urban Sanctuary and they also offer discounts to firefighters, police officers, military personnel, school teachers, nurse or other public servants.  How great is that?

For more information on Alley Collection’s collection, please visit their website at


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