2014 Beauty Issue – Makeup Styling by Joule Face

Joule Face - Makeup Styling

Not all of us who wear makeup immediately start off with the knowledge of the right product to use, how to use them, when to use them, and how much to have in your vanity.  That’s why makeup styling is a great service to take advantage of. It’s very similar to stylists that help with your wardrobe, except it’s someone that helps with beauty. Pauline Farace, founder of Studio Joule and Joule Face has been in the business of helping us gals feel and look great with her facials, makeup application and beauty tips for years and now she brings us the service of styling your makeup bag. Yes, your own personal shopper of beauty product is here and a local in the South Bay (San Jose) area.

Whether you’re new to using makeup or want to update your collection with the latest brands or just want to know basic knowledge of skincare and how they can benefit you, etc. she is the gal to talk to! Reinvent your beauty routine by getting in touch with Pauline and seeing how she can customize her services just for you.

For more information on Joule Face or Studio Joule, please visit


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