Trends I Can’t Seem to Embrace

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What-the-Fork is what I ask myself when it comes to the not-so-awesome trends out there.  Look, we all have our favorites when it comes to what’s moving and shaking out in the fashion pool, and I’m sure there’s a lot of agreeing to disagree in this topic.  Prime example, the husband cringes at the sight of my tube tops and maxi dresses but I live in those almost all summer long and just give him a dirty look when I literally slip into my one of many color variations. I might as well have one for every day of the week. Or I’m sure someone would look at me and think I was stuck in the 80’s or haven’t left the cult of Prince and the Revolution with my overload love for studs and to top it off, spikes.

Of course, we all should own our styles and I believe it takes the right person to pull off some of the pieces I’m about to embark upon, but I still can’t grasp the thought of saying “that’s cute, honey!”

To my friends and fashion inspirations that do in fact think these trends are “off the hook”, please don’t throw anything at me next time I see you. Ha!


When I first saw this, I thought it was some kind of dare as to how it can be styled. I have only seen maybe a handful of  gals pull this off and I mean, PULL THIS OFF! Unfortunately, it’s NOT for everyone. I get that it’s cool there’s a hidden wedge inside, but it just doesn’t mix well with my vision. I do like the concept of more fashionable sneakers or the combo of Spice Girls meets Air Jordan’s but this just doesn’t row my boat.


Ay dios mio! Ok – maybe when this first came out, it was kind of tolerable, but then seeing the stache every where I turn now is just overboard. From tops, jewelry, hats, pillows, stickers, the entire bridal party photo op, heck…even babies are wearing it, I can go on and on, it’s all over! I know it’s fun for everyone, but what’s next, the pit hair or uni-brow? It will be interesting to see if this craze will last another year.  I guess if I had a sticker stache, I would twirl the tips, wait and see.


When I first saw this on Aerosmith’s own, Steve Tyler, it was pretty hot because he has an amazing head of hair (plus he’s a rockstar).  However, after seeing an ambush of feathers in a lot women last year, it got old to me quick.

And that’s it for my “Deep Thoughts” session of The Stunning Post.





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