100% Pure – 100% My New Favorites! 

For the past couple of months, I have been trying a wide variety of products from 100% Pure, a local company from Silicon Valley that strives to provide vegan, organic and cruelty free beauty products.

If you haven’t tried the brand, it’s definitely time to! I have listed my favorites that have been added to my beauty & skincare regimen.

For The Lips

I consider myself to be somewhat of a lipstick/lipgloss addict, and I have to tell you, I do not leave home without these 4 in whatever purse I am carrying for the day. Top to Bottom: Lip Caramel in Truffle – a creamy liquid lipstick that not only looks amazing on, it smells & tastes delicious like caramel, Fruit Pigmented Lip Gloss in Sheer Pomegranate Wine – a shiny gloss with a gorgeous hint of red that I normally wear alone when I’m “on the go” or simply apply on top of any lipstick to add shine, Gemmed Lipgloss in Moonstone – a thicker gloss that I normally wear alone which leaves an apple flavor and sparkle on my lips, Vitamint in Vino – a creamstick that adds a pop of color while leaving a slight minty sensation resulting in full, softer lips.

For Your Eyes Only

I feel like I found the “Organic Holy Grail” for my eyes, that I actually look forward to my washing my face every night, just to put this this on!  The Purist Pine Bark Eye Balm is packed with antioxidants and vitamins leaving my eyes (under eye and eyelids) hydrated and moisturized which I personally believe is the key to seeing less wrinkles, and also helps with firmness on those eyelids.

I’m sure we’ve all had those days of staying up all night long because we’ve been binge watching our favorite shows back to back or just need something that is soothing for our eyes right before bed.  These Bright Eyes masks are perfect for giving my eyes a boost of caffeine, while depuffing and brightening. I personally keep a pack in the fridge and use 3 -4 times a week for about 15 minutes at a time. You can also reuse these and toss when it starts to shrink.

I am always in search for the right kind of shade / color for my brows, especially one that does not fade or smudge easily. The Fruit Pigmented Eye Brow Powder Gel in Taupe has a great consistency of both powder & gel which makes for the application process easy and manageable to blend. The product is also lasts all day without having to reapply and while the gel texture holds the shape of my brows in place.

SPF & Cleansers

If you’re like me and have sensitive skin, especially the kind that is prone to heat rashes during long or even short periods of time to sun exposure, having an SPF product that I can throw in any of my bags (especially a small bag) is important. The Everywhere Sun Stick makes for a great skin saver when you feel the need to protect your skin the last minute. It has SPF 30 and is safe for your face and body. I also keep a stick in each of my kids’ sports bags.

Having prefaced for having sensitive skin, I am always in search for a good cleanser that isn’t too harsh for my face nor leaves it dry after the fact. The Cucumber Juice Cleanser is great and gentle with its foam consistency. Not only does it clean my skin after wearing makeup all day long, but it smells great!


I am new to using sponges to clean my face being that I was always scared of how my skin would react. But low and behold, this Charcoal Konjac Sponge is smooth, yet strong enough to deep clean the areas of my face where I feel a regular cleanser can’t get to. It’s also a great tool to use with the foam cleanser or use alone.


I have only used a couple of well known brand name masks in the past but I have noticed that even though I get a smooth result in the end, I didn’t like the way it tingled and almost felt like it was burning my skin. So, when I initially tried this Herbal Detox Mask, I immediately realized that it had more of a slight soothing feel on my face and that it applied easily and dried evenly before the rinsing process.  I’m usually weird about touching my face (I know, I know…you shouldn’t, but I love to touch my face after I exfoliate or apply my mask regimen) but noticed that my skin was definitely soft.  The same results that I would feel with using the other brands that are most likely not 100% organic and pure products.

Needless to say, after having tried these basic products from the brand, I have become a huge fan and loyal user of 100% Pure and can’t wait to try more of their new products that are launching.  I’m sure some of you beauty fanatics who have not used pure, organic, vegan products are skeptical of the results, but I can assure you that the products I have listed and have used, have impacted my skin in a very positive way and I do feel better about the natural ingredients I am putting onto my skin.

To purchase 100% Pure products, visit their website at or visit your local store (listed on the website). Use code “stunning” to receive 20% off your order online!


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